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Together for a sustainable future

Change at the right pace

There are quite some challenges in the poultry sector. A sector that has to thrive on teamwork between all involved parties within the sector, like the government, knowledge institutions and supply chain parties. No one will deny that change is necessary. 



“How do we do that” is where the parties are in danger of losing sight of each other and in some cases are in direct opposition to each other. The poultry farmers feel that their voice is not being heard at all by the government and other supply chain parties, which turns the sector in currently virtually locking. To be in a better position, poultry farmers have to unite. A visible example of the power of association was the meeting on the Malieveld. The farmer was finally heard by the whole country. People were finally #proudofthefarmer. The impact of this coming together was enormous and created a first movement.

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Together the same language

Poultry farmers must maintain this co-operation movement if they want to continue to influence their future. 


By speaking the same language and substantively communicating with the other stakeholders. Collecting data yourself and then discussing it with colleagues to provide the right foundation for the taken positions. This as a starting point for constructive dialogue with each other based on validated points of view. In this way we as a sector can try to go beyond the individual interests and together we can take steps towards a common interest that is shared by all stakeholders in the sector.

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From physically together to together online

Stalmeesters will help the poultry farmers by creating an (online) place where every poultry farmer can collect his own data and share it with whomever he wants. Together we get the right insights, collected from the practice of your own stable. Where people can have a mutual discussion and involve experts in order to move forward faster. 


Working together on the basis of facts to conduct conversations with the government, supermarkets and other parties as a fully-fledged partner with broad support. But where discussions can also be started about possible new revenue models with a sustainable profitable future perspective for the poultry farmer. Without getting on your tractor at night to make your position clear. The poultry farmer present as a permanent, guiding and decisive party in the sector. As it should have been for a long time.

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