Stalmeesters | Uniformal language for the farmer

A standard package of sensors (particulates, ammonia and CO2) to visualize your realtime barn climate.


If you know how and when it appears, you’ll probably get more and new insights.


If you can test it daily and see results because of lower values, what would that be worth?


What impact could have an ideal adjusted CO2 management on the results?


We also offer customized solutions for: Temperature, water, electricity, camera’s etc.

Our way of working in 5 steps

Inventory & locating determination

To make sure we are not around for long in and around your stable, we will come to your place and look together where we can place the Stalmeesters box.   Also, before installing the equipment you can let us know your agenda and stable lay-out so we can take that into account. And we are ofcourse interested in hearing what keeps you busy and what you'd like to discuss with fellow poultry farmers.


We will come by at the appointed time based on the inventory to install the materials and to link the airstream to our Stalmeesters box.   We are going to do our very best not getting in your way, work very neatly and trip over your chickens as little as possible. If necessary we are also capable of 'stepping over eggs'.

Stalmeesters geeft waarde

Activating dashboard Stalmeesters

When we've installed the box and the required technology, then we start with the activation of your stable.   We will link your sensor-package with your designed dashboard. After we have completed the activation, you can immediately see the data from your stable. We will of course help you with setting up your dashboard and answer all the questions you have. Preferably with a nice cup of coffee.

Data analyses & evalution

Based on the measured data in your stable you can discover interesting trends, that you can very likely bring back to the daily processes in your stable.   Je zult misschien versteld staan nu je visueel inzichtelijk krijgt wat er allemaal gebeurt en waar je wellicht direct invloed op kunt uitoefenen. Wanneer je hier vragen over hebt, staan wij altijd tot jouw beschikking om met jou de gemeten resultaten te evalueren en samen te kijken welke procesverbetering je mogelijk kunt gaan testen en meten.

Sharing data with colleagues

When you're willing to share data with fellow poultry farmers, you will also get insights in the data they want to share.   Therefore we can look together where the differences are. This can possibly lead quickly to logical solutions that you can apply directly in your stable. You are working in your stable every day, are experts in terms of poultry and can come to solutions more quickly together that are testable and applicable within your daily practice. When you expand the group that shares data, possibilities and suggestions that lead to improvement come into view faster. It also gives you as poultry farmer an indication on how you as sector really perform and which improvements you realised yourselves.

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